Does God really love me?

God is love.  God loves you and wants to spend every moment of every day with you – right through forever – starting now.  God wants to give you the love, peace,  joy, forgiveness, strength, power, healing, courage and life that Jesus’ died to give us. God wants to live with us and in us.


That’s great that God loves me, but why should I follow Him?

God did not make us robots to automatically love and obey Him. He loves us so much that He gave us free will: the ability to choose who and what we will follow and believe. Our free will also results in sin whenever we choose not to trust and follow God, and sin always leads to separation from God and death –  one way or another.  But God gave us the antidote for our sin and separation: His Son, Jesus Christ.

How’s that work?

The One who created you loves you no matter who you are or what you’ve done. He wants you to experience the incredible depth of His love and care, so He sent His Son, Jesus to show us and provide the way to life with God.

When Jesus died on the cross, because He was both God and human, He was able to take all the sin of the entire world onto the cross with Him and pay the final price for our sin with His own life.  He did this voluntarily so that we could be with Him and His Father, our God, forever.   Three days later, God raised Jesus from the dead destroying the power of both sin and death.  In Jesus we are forgiven of everything completely, freed from the power of both sin and death, and given a new life with God that will never end.  Jesus alone provides the way to God and eternal life with Him now through His death and resurrection (Romans 5:10). And it’s free to everyone!

That’s the best deal I have ever heard!  How do I sign up?

It all starts with turning away from our sin and turning toward God. We ask God to forgive our sin and He does – gladly! Then we decide to trust and receiving Jesus Christ as both our Savior (He saves us from our sin) and Lord (as we surrender our lives to Him and ask Him to take charge of us).  

Simply put,  we have to be willing to trade in our life and everything with it in exchange for Jesus’ life and everything He has. It’s not enough to just know about this, or even to agree with it. You have to act on it.

What do I have to do?

Start by agreeing with God that Jesus died and rose from the dead to pay for your sins.  Accept that you and I are sinners and that Jesus is our Savior (the One who saves you and me).  

Admit to God that you personally need His forgiveness and confess your sins to Him (the things you have thought and said and done that separate you from God). When you are done confessing, receive His forgiveness and believe that you are forgiven by God – because you are!  Thank God!

Now hand your entire life over to God and accept Jesus’ life in return. Make Jesus your Lord and King.  Give Him your whole life and trust Him with it all:  your life, your loved ones, your home, your work, your gifts, your health, your stuff – everything!

Ask the Holy Spirit to come and fill you: to restore your life and heal you, to speak to you and teach you, to inspire and empower you, to guide you and to help you to follow God every day of your life – and He will!  

Thank God for your new life in Jesus and celebrate –  heaven and earth celebrate with you!  Congratulations!

As you embark on your new life you will have many questions and we are here to help you in your walk with God.

Contact us and we will celebrate your new life with you – you’re a member of the family now!  Ask us any questions you may have and check out our Grow in Faith page for more helps.  Welcome to God’s Family!

Romans 10:9 promises, “If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”