Naskal Village, India
Grace Methodist Church

In July of 2010 we dedicated a new church building in this small subsistence farming village in southern India.  It was the childhood home of our late member, Anthram Lazarus, whose heart’s desire was to plant the Gospel in Naskal Village where it had never been planted.

Over 100 people travel throughout the area to worship and study the Bible together at Grace Methodist Church. We give to provide support to the Pastor and staff, Sunday meals, literacy training for the adults of the village, scholarships for the education of the children in the village and surrounding area, and for the administration of a new Virtual Food Drive, India: supplying eggs and milk to help address issues of malnutrition.



Advent Conspiracy India Student Scholarships

We are committed to spending less on ourselves and giving more away so that others can live and know the love of God through Jesus Christ. We do this intentionally during the Advent/Christmas season, when God gave us the greatest gift of all: His Son, Jesus Christ.  

Our AC goal at LFUMC is to offer school scholarships to every child in need in the Grace Methodist Church area.

2015-16 Goal = $4000/Sent = $4100+
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lenten offeringLenten Offering for the Children

Our Lenten Offering is collected on Palm Sunday. 100% is used to buy supplies, clothing, and blankets for the children of Naskal Village, India.

Our Goal is at least $1000.

Thank-you for giving generously!