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Lent means “Spring” and is the Christian season of repentance and preparation beginning with Ash Wednesday and finishing 40 days later (minus Sundays, which are little Easters) with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Good Friday and Easter Sunday). Lent is a time to refocus on God and to let go of the worldliness that so easily entangles and trips us up. 

Holiness simply means to be set apart for God and Lent is a time of practicing  being set apart for and with God.  We do this by reading our Bibles daily, by focusing our minds on the Lord (speaking to Him and listening for His reply throughout the day: in other words – praying) and trusting Him. We practice following His lead to forgive, give, love, bless, and to show compassion on whoever is in front of us, and by letting go of ways of thinking, doing, and being that work against God and His infinite love.  In other words, Lent is a time to seek God, to become more like Him, and to give God away to others.

We begin with Ash Wednesday, a day when we remember that we are mortal sinners in need of a Savior who need to turn away from our sin and turn back to God (repentance). We ask God to forgive us and cleanse us as we commit our lives to Jesus (justification). We ask and trust God to fill us with His Holy Spirit and lead us into all holiness – lives lived for and through the Lord (sanctification).

lenten offeringOur Lenten Offering

Our Lenten Offering is collected on Palm Sunday to purchase supplies, clothes, and blankets for the children in Naskal Village, India. Our annual goal is at least $1000.  Thank-you for giving generously for the children!

In 2016 we gathered over $1400 for the children!  Thank-you!

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