“The mountain is too high to climb.”
“The job is too great of an undertaking for us to do.”
“If I step out of the boat I will sink.”

These are the excuses we use to not focus on what God can do through us.

As a child, my mother would focus my attention on a book called, “The Little Engine that Could”. She told me that if I focused and applied myself with the right attitude in life, I could do anything I set my mind to. I have found that this is the same with our churches: if we focus on failure, we will fail; but when we focus on God and move in faith, we succeed.

Too many times we focus on survival rather than success. We need to look at the mountain and focus on the view from the top, rather than be content with the view from the bottom. Too many times we focus on failure, instead of what we learn when we fail. Finally, too many times we lack confidence. We need to be the little engine and say that we know we can.

We all need to pray, vision, and let God lead us to great things for His glory.

From the Top of the Mountain – Rev. William J. Ritzenthaler
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