Happy Holydays?

Holidays were originally known as Holy Days until we took out the “y” and put in an “i”, making it one word in the process. Some say that the terms are interchangeable, but in reality they are incredibly different.

When we remove the “why” and replace it with “I” we end up focusing on ourselves instead of the One Who’s Name is at the very center and foundation of Christmas. “Christmas” comes from “Christ Mass”, which is literally “Christ worship”.

Jesus is not only central to Christmas, He is Christmas. Jesus is the gift that God gave to the world so that everyday could be a celebration.  Jesus is Love that never fails, Truth revealed, Hope restored, Healer of our lives, Maker of all things new.

We find it hard to put Jesus in His rightful place – which is not in a tiny plastic manger or hanging from the tree (He already did that). The place for Jesus is: enthroned in our hearts, first in our thoughts, Lord of our lives, King of everything.

Let’s keep the “why” in these holy days and together we will experience the fullness of God’s ultimate gift:  Emmanuel, God with us.

Happy Holydays!
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