ASL Deaf Ministries Partnership

Modified ASL interpretation every Sunday at 10:30 am Worship!

In September 2015, Bishop Peggy Johnson joined us for worship and brought a whole group of her Deaf special needs friends along who live in our area. We had a wonderful time of joyful worship together and have begun a new ministry with our neighbors in our local Deaf Group Homes.

The members need special interpreters who not only are fluent in ASL but also are able to understand and simplify whatever is being communicated at a level the members can understand. We are blessed to have a team of gifted ASL interpreters who are meeting the special needs of our Deaf friends.  We have added bass thumpers to our front seating to aid in the worship experience for our Deaf friends, and have special ASL Worship videos to begin our services.

Carol Stevens, the Deaf Ministries Coordinator for the Eastern PA and Pen-Del Conferences of The U.M.C., has led us in multiple Deaf Ministries Workshops. We are planning ongoing future workshops to aid in our learning and communication with our Deaf friends.  We also host special events including an early Easter Brunch with Egg Dyeing, Thanksgiving Dinner with Crafts, Christmas Party with Dingo, and Bowling!

What can I do? 

Learn some basic ASL – American Sign Language – and show up early to worship to greet and welcome our new deaf friends.  There are great materials available outside of the office and online.
Pick up an app to help you to learn ASL. Try The ASL App by Ink and Salt. It’s in video form and all the basic signs are free – enough to start and to learn to fingerspell your name.
Go to to learn more and get signing!
Plan to attend an upcoming workshop and get first-hand learning and experience from an expert.
Practice what you’ve learned with real people on Sundays.  Make an effort to get to know the members and staff from PAHrtners. Take a risk and say “Hi”. Smile and offer love to each one.
Pray! Our intent is to make the members and staff of PAHrtners a part of our church community in every way possible. We need you:  your support, effort, prayers, and love to make this a joyful community.
Thanks for opening your hearts as we celebrate what God is doing among us and our Deaf friends.