“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord. Isaiah 55:8

There is a vast disconnect between what we want and think and what God wants and thinks. We find it hard to believe that God might actually not think like us or perhaps wants to do something differently than we would.

We may, like those in the New Testament, purport to know God but really have only heard about Him. We may attack those who are filled with the Holy Spirit, who do know God, who are going about doing what God is doing.  Christians attacking followers of Christ for actually believing that God is still doing what He has always been doing:  forgiving, healing, freeing, saving, loving, filling, speaking to and sending ordinary people who are just crazy enough to  believe Him without limit.

Why is this?  Maybe it’s because unexplainable things scare the pants off of people. It’s just easier to believe what can be explained and measured and logically figured out.  But that’s not faith.

Or maybe it’s because we, by nature, want others to think and act and believe like we do.  So when God says or does something we don’t want to accept as truth, we reject it as not possibly being of God.  Just ask Jesus, Who was constantly being accused of working for the devil.

Yet there is a freedom that accompanies faith in the God for Whom nothing is impossible, Who’s love never fails.  A freedom that those hooked on trying to control everyone else will never understand.  The more willing we are to submit our will and thoughts to the will and thoughts of the Father, of the Holy Spirit, of Christ – the more free we become.  To be fully yielded, to have the mind of Christ, is to be fully free and available to God for His good purposes and will.

After all only God convicts, saves, heals, calls, fills, sends and all the rest.  We really aren’t in charge by any means; to think we are is the real deception.  We do not need to defend the faith as we see it as much as we need to live it the way Jesus showed us: trusting God without limit.  That would be witness enough for the whole world.





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